Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Book Riot, Riot New Media Group’s flagship property, is made for and by all readers, contributors, and employees of all creeds and backgrounds. We center diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a core value. Our team stands unified behind this effort, from our leadership to our contributor base. We have established a DEI point person to regularly review our policies and ensure they’re upheld now and in the future, with the guidance of our external DEI consultants at the Pip Collective

Actionable Approach

  • Engagement policy
    • Anyone who engages with our content agrees to uphold the values of Riot New Media Group.  We hold a zero-tolerance policy against racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, classism, body shaming, antisemitism, anti-Muslim sentiment, or any discrimination on all grounds. This includes bullying or harassment of any kind. Infringements of our Community Guidelines will be taken seriously and could result in immediate dismissal from all Book Riot content, events, or activities.
  • Inclusive Hiring
    • Contributors: We commit to centering the voices of marginalized folks talking about their lived experience. We will make explicit calls for contributors of color in order to build a network that empowers creative change and collective action. 
    • Staff: We see hiring as an opportunity to invite in diverse perspectives and to intentionally communicate our values of social justice, feminism, and inclusivity. It’s a priority to ensure transparency around our hiring process; we want Riot New Media Group staff to feel confident that the hiring process is as free of bias as possible and to understand the ways in which  we consider equity. The following is an outline of the hiring process.
    • Standardization: Standardizing interview processes allows for a more objective comparison of candidates based on the content of their answers and experiences, rather than subjective qualities like tone, “likeability,”or ambiguous ideas of “good fits” which are subject to personal bias. In order to standardize Riot New Media Group’s hiring process to the greatest extent possible, the following have been updated and implemented across all departments:
      • Standardized Rubric + Spectrum Scoring
        • Include qualitative metrics + interpersonal skills. Scoring is rooted in a shared understanding of “good answers” by all on the hiring team.
      • Interview questions reflect and value DEI
        • Further, “culture fit” questions reflect congruence with Riot New Media Group’s Community Guidelines & core values of social justice, feminism, and inclusivity. 
        • Scoring of these questions is not contingent on a “correct” answer, but rather an answer that reflects thoughtfulness and care about DEI. Answers which are rooted in experience are scored most highly.
      • Diverse Talent Pipelines
        • In addition to being on Riot New Media Group’s website(s), all job descriptions will be intentionally posted on diverse talent pipelines that connect Black, Brown, and Indigenous people.
        • All job descriptions will include a DEI statement.
        • If the initial applicant pool does not meet Riot New Media Group’s diversity standards, then the application period will be extended or restarted.
        • Hiring targets reflect US & Canadian demographics.
  • Gender Nonconformity
    • Pronouns are strongly encouraged to be included in Zoom names, email signatures, and in introducing oneself. Doing so takes the onus off of gender nonconforming folks and also actively challenges our conception that we can know someone’s gender by looking at them.
    • New hires and contributors will be onboarded with their corresponding pronouns (this is not mandatory).
  • Onboarding + Demographics
    • Demographic collection will be a standardized, through opt-in, part of all Riot New Media Group onboarding to inform future hiring targets and to understand our employees holistically.
    • Pronouns and name pronunciation will be a standardized part of information collection in hiring and onboarding. In this way, the person new to Riot New Media Group can be spoken about and to appropriately from the get-go.
  • Paths to Promotion
    • Everyone at Riot New Media Group has the opportunity for professional development. In order to ensure transparency in the promotion process and to limit bias, all performance reviews have standardized KPIs, include peer and supervisor feedback, and are performed universally.

Centering DEI Longterm

  • Training:
    • As of February 2023:
      • The hiring team at Riot New Media Group has been trained on bias, microaggressions, an anti-oppressive lens, and best practices for inclusive hiring.
      • Everyone on the internal Riot New Media Group staff has been trained on the topics of intersectionality, particularly through the lens of antiracism, gender, and disability.
    • Training needs should be assessed yearly with staff input and prioritized for continued learning.
  • Yearly reviews of:
    • Community Agreements
    • Hiring targets
      • Department specific targets
    • Annual DEI Audits

With this DEI statement, Riot New Media Group continues the commitment towards  a more diverse, just, and inclusive environment. We commit to creating content that reflects the interests, hopes, and nuances of our community as well as supporting the strides towards rendering our internal Riot New Media Group culture as equitable as can be.