Speaking Engagements

If you’d like to book one of our staff, please email bookriot@bookriot.com with details. Please note that when representing RNMG in the media, on a panel, as a speaker, as a jurist, or as a presenter in any capacity that isn’t a one-on-one interview, the company requires that the other panelists, speakers, jurists or presenters include both women and people of color.

Kelly Jensen

Kelly Jensen is an associate editor and community manager for Book Riot, the largest independent editorial book site in North America. Prior to her work here, she was a librarian from babies through adults, with a specialty in services to teenagers. Her expertise is in YA lit. She’s spoken at American Library Association conferences, the Public Library Association conference, YALSA’s YA Lit Symposium, BookExpo America’s Blogger Con, Kid Lit Con, and The Lady Project Symposium on topics ranging from contemporary realistic YA lit to feminism, girls’ stories, and risk taking. She’s published in journals such as The Horn Book, School Library Journal, and her work has been featured in The V-Word, edited by Amber J. Keyser (S&S). She is currently editing an anthology of feminist essays for teenagers called Feminism for the Real World, due out from Algonquin Young Readers in Spring 2017.

Areas of expertise: young adult fiction; public libraries; crafting and editing a writer’s voice; feminism; reader’s advisory; feminist advocacy

Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson is the Managing Editor of Book Riot, the largest independent editorial book site in North America, and a co-host of the Get Booked podcast and the Book Riot Podcast. She is also a judge of the 2016 Best Translated Book Award, and has appeared on CNN International, Minnesota Public Radio, and NPR’s On Point.

Areas of expertise: diversity in publishing, literary fiction and classic literature, social media strategy, community moderation and management

Jenn Northington

Jenn Northington worked as a bookseller and events director from 2004 to 2014, and is now the director of events and programming at Riot New Media. She also helped co-found the Bookrageous Podcast, is a regular cohost of Book Riot’s Get Booked podcast, and has appeared on the Today Show Book Club Chat, Minnesota Public Radio, and others to discuss books and publishing. Her public speaking appearances include Book Riot Live, the ABA Winter Institute, BookExpo America, GeekyCon, O’Reilly Tools of Change, and more.

Areas of Expertise: genre fiction; literary events and programming; bookselling and technology; book clubs

Jeff O’Neal

Jeff O’Neal is the CEO and co-founder of Riot New Media Group, Inc (the parent company of BookRiot.com and Panels.net).

Areas of expertise: startups (esp media and book-related), content strategy, business models for media websites, blogging, social media strategy and implementation, community relations, business management, managing a remote workforce, current events in books and publishing

Rebecca Joines Schinsky

Rebecca Joines Schinsky is the director of content and product strategy for Riot New Media Group. She co-hosts the Book Riot Podcast and All the Books!, a weekly show about new releases and was a co-founder of Bookrageous. Rebecca has worked on the literary internet since 2008. She has spoken about books, publishing, and the evolution of book-related media and communities at Digital Book World, Minnesota Public Radio, the annual NAIBA conference, the Decatur Book Festival, BEA Blogger Con, Book Riot Live, the James River Writers Conference, and more.

Areas of expertise: building and managing a diverse editorial staff, blogging & content strategy, social media strategy, online community management and moderation, current events in books and publishing, feminism/feminist lit, developing and selling products for niche communities